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2023 CHALLENGER DIVISION - Special Program

2023 Marsh Creek
Challenger Flag Football

The Marsh Creek Eagles Challenger Division supports the inclusion of individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities of all ages within our community. Our mission is to enable these athletes to benefit from participating in a team sport, in a safe and structured environment. We promote inclusiveness and independence while celebrating accomplishments as individuals, as well as, in a team. Our goal is to help build and foster social relationships within our special needs community.

MCE Challenger Division
Ages: 7 and up
Where: On the Turf - Fellowship Fields
What: Flag Football & Cheer (In-House)
When: Wednesdays (Flag Game) and Sundays (Drills & Games)
5pm to 6:00-pm - Sept 6th until Oct 22th

Cost: FREE

Kristin Shillingford - [email protected] 484-319-8113

2023 Marsh Creek - Challenger Division

Registration closes on 09/30/2023 at 04:00 PM
Season Dates: 09/06/2023 to 10/22/2023


Welcome to the Marsh Creek Eagles!
Marsh Creek Eagles Tackle Football
The Marsh Creek Eagles are proud members of the Pop Warner Little Scholars and Bux-Mont organizations. Pop Warner is a nonprofit organization that provides youth football and cheer & dance programs for participants in 42 states and several countries around the world. 

All Marsh Creek Eagle families and coaches are committed to the fun, camaraderie and excitement that football can provide for the youth in our community. Many of our teams compete in competitive divisions and we strive to win every game we play. However, we believe success at this level of football is not measured by wins and losses; it is measured by our player’s enjoyment and growth. Players who can’t wait to get back on the field the next season, or who simply show improvement over the course of a season, those are the only “victories” that really matter and are valued. Many of our former players have been fortunate enough continue playing at the high school, college, and even a few at the professional levels. Yet no players will be signing an NFL contract or committing to any College programs at the end of a Marsh Creek season. Everyone involved with our organization works to keep our games in perspective and maintain an enjoyable environment for players and families.

Marsh Creek Football adheres to the rules of Pop Warner Little Scholars. One of the foundation rules requires minimum plays for each player to ensure that each child has a chance to learn the game of football and can create great experiences and memories for themselves. We offer multiple levels of football, some with an age/weight restriction and others that are simply age based, our goal is to always place our players on the team best suited for their safety and success. If you are not sure which division is best for your child do not worry – adjustments will be made, and all players will be placed in the proper division to start the season. 
Team categories are based on the Pop Warner age guidelines and the player's age as of July 31st. The breakdown of possible teams are as follows:

All Teams are Age based - There are no minimum or maximum weights.
Rookie Tackle 7v7 – Unweighted – Ages 5, 6, & 7
8U – Unweighted – Ages -7 & 8
9U – Unweighted – Ages -8 &
10U – Unweighted – Ages -8, 9, & 10
11U – Unweighted – Ages - 9, 10, & 11
12U – Unweighted – Ages -10, 11, & 12
13U – Unweighted – Ages - 11, 12, & 13
14U – Unweighted – Ages -12, 13, & 14
All Marsh Creek Eagles coaches adhere to the following coaching philosophy: We focus to provide our children with a positive and enjoyable football experience.
  • ·        Insist that everyone is a good teammate – All players and coaches deserve respect and to be treated fairly
  • ·        Teach through positive reinforcement.
  • ·        Encourage hard work and the desire of not giving up, anything can be achieved.
  • ·        Motivate and challenge all of the children on a team.
  • ·        Involve parents of the children as much as possible.
  • ·        Teach football fundamentals to enable a good foundation for future years.
  • ·        Be competitive but fair, be aggressive but respectful, be tough but compassionate and maintain balance in your coaching.
  • ·        Win or lose, keep it fun and help explain the lessons along the way. 

We are almost always in need of additional help on the sidelines; the success of our program depends upon our volunteer coaches. Please consider volunteering to coach, all coaching positions are re-evaluated each season, positions are almost always available. We do appreciate having some football experience in our coaches, but the reality is, if you know how to coach or teach kids - then you know how to coach this level of football. We have all the tools needed to make anyone a great youth football coach – we just need the motivated people. If you are Interested in coaching - Please contact our Football Director [email protected]

In an effort to simplify the registration process and lower the overall cost our families incur during the season: we have rolled elements of the seasonal fees into one flat cost. The Marsh Creek Eagles are a 100% volunteer organization, no one involved is being paid for their time. Registration fees go to cover the costs of field rentals, lights, insurance, national dues, league fees, payment of game referees, equipment replacement and repair.  We do offer a Family Discount - all registrations for the season, after your first two children will receive a discount. You may also choose to pay your registrations cost on a three month payment plan (April, May, & June), site fees will apply. It is our policy to never allow registration fees to prohibit participation, If you have a financial hardship and would like to apply for scholarship funding, please contact the Director [email protected]

In addition to the items listed above the following is also included with the cost of registration and provided to every player:

Items to be returned at the end of the season
  • Helmet – All players will be outfitted with a NOCSAE Certified helmet that meets all current condition standards. All of the helmets we provide are rated as a “5 Star – Best Available” by the independent Virginia Tech helmet rating. Here is a link to the test results if you are interested - Youth Football Helmet Ratings ( If you prefer to provide your own helmet you may do so - our helmets are Navy Blue with a Navy facemask.
  • Shoulder Pads – All player will be outfitted with Riddell Pursuit youth shoulder pads, one of the top rated youth shoulder pads. These are a newer designed shoulder pad to meet all current and up to date safety standards - PURSUIT | Pursuit | Youth | Shoulder Pads | Open Catalogue | Riddell.
  • Practice Jersey – Players will be provided a different colored practice jersey to help separate teams on the practice fields.

Items that each player will keep
  • Custom Game Jersey – Each player is provided a personalized team jersey with their name on the back, to keep at the end of each season.
  • Game Socks – all players will be provided teams socks which will be coordinated with the game day uniform.
  • Team shirt – Players will each receive a customized team shirt at the end of the season, which will include team specific details.
  • 45 Spirit Day Raffle Tickets – Raffle tickets, valued at $10 apiece ($450 total) and can be sold to family, friends, and neighbors to help offset the cost of registration (you keep the money for the tickets you sell). Winners will be drawn throughout the games on Spirit Day – winner do not need to be present to win. Prizes include spirit wear, gift cards, and multiple cash prizes.

Each player will be required to provide the following: Football Cleats, mouth guard, Cup and Navy Blue Football pants (can be purchased through Marsh Creek). All equipment supplied by Marsh Creek is scheduled to be handed out at the Marsh Creek facility at Fellowship Fields

Refund Policy: All cancelations after June 6th will have the refund reduced by $55 for the custom jersey cost. If notification has been received prior to the first practice - 100% Refund, during the first calendar week of practice - 75% Refund, during the second calendar week of practice - 50% Refund, and during the third calendar week of practice – No Refund

Have a question? We can help! Send an email to our Director of Football , Dave Miller, at [email protected].

Age Based U10

Registration closes on 09/30/2023 at 12:00 AM
Season Dates: 07/31/2023 to 10/29/2023
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Age Based U11

Registration closes on 09/30/2023 at 12:00 AM
Season Dates: 07/31/2023 to 10/29/2023
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Age Based U12

Registration closes on 09/30/2023 at 12:00 AM
Season Dates: 07/31/2023 to 10/29/2023
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Age Based U7 - 7v7

Registration closes on 09/30/2023 at 12:00 AM
Season Dates: 07/31/2023 to 10/29/2023
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Age Based U8

Registration closes on 09/30/2023 at 12:00 AM
Season Dates: 07/31/2023 to 10/29/2023
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Age Based U9

Registration closes on 09/30/2023 at 12:00 AM
Season Dates: 07/31/2023 to 10/29/2023
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 P.O. Box 292
Lionville, Pennsylvania 19353
Email : [email protected]
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